Rush offers some advice to Donald Trump, says it will make Trump unstoppable

Speaking on his radio show on Thursday, Rush Limbaugh said that if Donald Trump can bring the same focus and passion to the proposed budget / spending bill approved by Republican leaders in Congress, as he did with Immigration and Terrorism, he (Trump) will become unstoppable.


Limbaugh believes that if Trump focuses heavily on these three issues: the Budget / Spending Bill proposed by Paul Ryan and the GOP led Congress, Immigration, and Terrorism, that would be a winning formula for the front-runner.

Below is a direct quote from Rush responding to a caller on his radio show:


RUSH:  Well, I tell you there’s something I want him to weigh in on.  In fact, “Hey, Donald, bone up on this budget deal, soon.  This is huge.  Couple this budget deal with your deal on terrorism and immigration, and there’s no stopping you.  But go to school, get up to speed on the budget deal and find this is as bad as what any immigration’s gonna do, part of it.”  How’s that?  People think I’m an advisor.  I just advised.  Some might say I demanded.  So let me revise it.  “Mr. Trump, you know I think it’d be really, really smart at this point if you learn everything I know about that budget deal and that you get as ticked off about that as you are about the border and immigration and the wall, there’s no stopping you.”  How’s that?  Okay.  We’ll see.

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