(Video) Ammon Bundy And Sheriff Dave Ward Meet Face To Face

After hearing that, the sheriff said there would be no call, but he wouldn’t say what his next step would be.

The parley between Bundy and the sheriff lasted between five and 10 minutes and took place in the open, at the intersection of a state highway and the back route to the refuge. It was another in a series of twists and turns the past week that have drawn national and international attention to this sparsely populated high desert country.

Bundy and about 20 other militants took over the headquarters compound of the refuge on Saturday and additional protesters have been arriving in the past day. Bundy, a member of a Nevada ranching family, has said repeatedly that the occupation was to protest the imprisonment of two Harney County ranchers and to demand that the federal government give over ownership of federal land to local control.

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Source: The Oregonian

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