Kids possessing marijuana in NYC schools are not suspended anymore, they get this instead

A student at the Adlai Stevenson HS complex in The Bronx was caught in October with seven baggies of marijuana — a violation that in prior years would have ­resulted in a criminal summons and a suspension.

Via New York Post:

Instead, a school safety officer handed the student a “warning card.” It asked politely: “Please bring this card home to your parent(s)/guardian so that you can discuss the matter with them.”

The pot was turned over to the NYPD, but the student’s name was listed as “John Doe.”

This is the brave new world of school discipline in New York City, where unruly kids rule: “They know they can get away with anything,” as several teachers put it.

Under a new discipline code launched by Mayor de Blasio and the Department of Education, inappropriate clothes, profanity and insubordination no longer trigger an automatic boot from the classroom.

Principals must get permission from the DOE’s Office of Safety and Youth Development before suspending a student for defying a teacher or other authority. “Minor physical ­altercations” no longer warrant a ­serious superintendent’s suspension.

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