Kids possessing marijuana in NYC schools are not suspended anymore, they get this instead

The NYPD employees who safeguard schools worry that the policy handcuffs them and encourages misbehavior.

“This type of turning your back on illegal behavior is grooming criminals,” said Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237, which represents school safety ­officers. He says students who get warning cards should have to pass a class on behavior, instead of getting off with a slap on the wrist.

“The mayor is saying crime is down in the schools,” Floyd said. “Crime is not disappearing. It’s just that we’re ignoring it.”

Safety officers have gotten little training on which offenses get a warning instead of a summons, Floyd said. The officers must first speak with their supervisors, who refer the incident to an NYPD lieutenant to decide whether a warning card is warranted.

Some incidents are especially troubling. At the Walton HS complex in The Bronx, a warning card was issued to a student who threatened to attack a safety officer, Floyd said.

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