Rush Limbaugh: Rubio is not an Establishment Moderate…..He’s a legitimate, full-throated Conservative

I know Senator Rubio. It’s like I was telling you last week: I know these people. I know that Senator Rubio in the Senate… In many ways, he agrees with Cruz about things. He’s worn out with the Senate.  The Senate… I heard this from Allen West when he left the House.  I’ve heard, “The incumbents, that’s all they care about is being reelected.  You go there to make a difference and you run into brick wall after brick wall after brick wall.” I don’t think… You know, Rubio, I don’t think he wants to stay there 30 years to break through the wall to get a committee chairmanship or whatever.

I just don’t like this idea that all of a sudden we’re gonna make Rubio the establishment bad guy, as though Rubio is no different than the McCains and the Bob Doles and the Romneys and the others that have come along and been nominated by the establishment.  He just isn’t.  He has not been talked out of his conservatism.  He does not abandon it.  He had the best end-of-the-evening speech of anybody last night. He had the best end-of-the-evening speech of anybody.  And even the media was dazzled by the fact that he did it without a teleprompter.

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