Despite those on the left  and those in the Islamic World both in the United States and internationally who continue to propagate the notion that America is an unfair and evil country, America continues to be the beacon of hope for the entire world. No other country in the world has offered so much opportunity to so many people regardless of culture, language, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Millions of oppressed and deprived human beings from all walks of life are waiting to get into the United States to escape poverty and hopelessness. They’re running away from the very policies and ideas propagated by Liberals and Islamic Fundamentalists in the Third World.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, over 41 million people in the USA in 2013 were migrants. Liberals and Islamic Fundamentalist sympathizers can make all the theoretical arguments they want about the injustices in America, but at the end of the day

people vote with their feet, which is the strongest indication of where the truth lies. We live in a world of comparatives, and it is pointless to compare the United States to some grand utopia where all are treated fairly and equally and no one is left behind. The USA, and no country for that matter, should not be judged purely through the prism of some theoretical notion of economic, social, and racial justice. Rather, it should be judged based on how it compares to other nations and societies on key concepts and values such as opportunity for advancement and freedom to pursue one’s dreams and ambitions. When judged on those principles, the USA is undoubtedly the greatest country in the world.

This blog is dedicated to combating the intellectual assault on America by those on the left and those in the Islamic world who refuse to acknowledge that America is the freest and most opportunity friendly country in the world. Unfortunately, those of us who believe in America are far outnumbered by those who dislike America and want to change it for the worse. They span from the mainstream media, to the entertainment industry, to the academic world Pre Kindergarten all the way up to Post Graduate, and to the elite political class. Thus, we face an uphill task, but not an impossible task. Not impossible because the policies and ideas of the left and the Islamic Fundamentalist sympathizers are guaranteed to fail, and average hardworking and honest Americans will look to us for leadership. So we must be prepared with the best ideas and the best policies when that moment arrives.

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