Trump Merchandise


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2 thoughts on “Trump Merchandise

  1. When I watched the news and saw Donald Trump throw his hat into the ring, I felt a sudden surge of unexplained HOPE go right through me. And as I listened to him, I thought “My gosh, he sounds just like all of US!”

    But even after doing a lot of “homework” on him, the PROOF that we should be voting for Trump is the way the RNC, the GOP, and the Soros-owned lamestream media has kept on viciously attacking him with lies, half-truths, and word-twisting. They hate him so much, and want him gone so badly that they’re now talking about holding a “Brokered Convention”…something that hasn’t been done since the 1950’s!

    They don’t want Trump in our WH. They want one of THEIR OWN sitting in that Oval Office. So you can be SURE that whoever THEY want will NOT be someone who’d be good for us and our country. It will be someone who will do what THEY want, not what WE want…and we can then kiss our country and our Constitution good-bye.

    TRUMP can’t be bought, and is not a believer in having a One World Government. Also, neither he nor any of his family members have ever worked for the CFR nor been on a 31-member committee to help promote “Building A North American Community”.

    Trump is a BUSINESSMAN, and a highly successful one at that. If anyone can turn our country around, close up our borders, bring jobs back to our country, help our veterans, and make America GREAT again, it is HIm!


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